Lean pork paste proved to emit light

Update: June, 02/2014 - 08:31
Photo vietnamnet

QUANG NINH (VNS)— Information that lean pork paste was giving off light proved to be true and was witnessed by many people, said Truong Hoang Kien, deputy director of the Quang Ninh Food Safety and Hygiene Department.

Earlier on May 22, Do Van Tuan, a resident in Ha Long City, discovered that a piece of lean pork paste he had bought to use as fish bait was giving off a blue light and called his neighbours to see.

They washed the lean pork paste and cut it into many small pieces, but it continued to give off the blue light.

Later, food safety and hygiene agencies searched for the reason why the lean pork paste was emitting light, said Kien.

Vu Thi Hang, a lecturer at Ha Noi University of Agriculture, said the lean pork paste might be contaminated with phosphorus, which can be oxygenated, and give off light. People could suffer from food poisoning if they consume such food. — VNS