Independence of Uruguay: Commitment to our history and our future

Update: August, 25/2020 - 07:00

Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of Uruguay Raúl Silveira shares a message to mark Uruguay’s National Day (August 25) in the special context of the COVID-19 struggle.

“Monumento a La Carreta” (The Cart Monument) with art intervention in times of COVID-19 in Montevideo, Uruguay. -- Photo courtesy of the embassy

On August 25, 1825, the inhabitants of the nation then called Banda Oriental reaffirmed their feelings of independence, putting an end to decades of bloody battles. Today, 195 years later, what were promises of a young nation with a hopeful and brave people have become tradition and history.

Remembering the date of our independence is a necessary task in such a complex year and with so many uncertainties. Looking at the past of our country, we can take strength to face the tough challenges that persist in each of the nations of the world and that the Oriental Republic of Uruguay has so far been handling with responsibility and good results.

Just as our ancestors faced wars of liberation, civil wars and economic crises, the new generations must be united to face the challenges of the 21st century. Taking this into account, Uruguay puts its energy and resources in the advances in new technologies, science and education. The University of the Republic, with a secular and free tradition, is an example of this and stands as one of the fundamental pillars to fight the pandemic.

Our professionals have proven to be up to the difficult circumstances, working from the laboratories to develop tests accessible to the entire population or in hospitals to act from the front line of the battlefield.  Also, the work of teachers has also been fundamental so that children can continue with their classes remotely thanks to computer systems developed in Uruguay and access to the internet for the entire population.

Uruguay has received migratory waves at various times in its history, which is why it is a country built by people from Europe, Africa and indigenous populations from America. It is an example of an integrated, rich in cultural diversity and respectful society. In turn, the value that Uruguayans give to institutions and the calm that characterises us at times like this, have also collaborated with the implementation of effective measures against COVID-19.

The challenges are constant and sometimes overwhelming but the Orientals of the 21st century, honouring the sacrifice of past generations, will not give up until they accomplish what history commands.

Though Uruguay today is an example in the control of the pandemic - currently about 200 active cases - this is not the time to celebrate but to remember and not to lower our guard.

To conclude, the Embassy of Uruguay in Việt Nam wishes to greet the brotherly people of Việt Nam with the certainty that the ties forged throughout these years will become stronger every day. VNS

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