Huế revives old long dress fashion

Update: September, 10/2020 - 17:21


A collection of the 1744-made áo dài (traditional long dress) design is introduced by staffs of the Thừa Thiên-Huế Culture and Sports Department. The fashion will be used among the department on the first Monday of a month. - Photo courtesy Thừa Thiên-Huế Culture and Sports Department 

THỪA THIÊN-HUẾ – The Thừa Thiên Huế provincial department of Culture and Sports has revived the wearing of áo dài (traditional long dress) costume in State agencies by mandating that men and women wear them.

The department said the áo dài will be official uniform on the first Monday of each month, starting from Monday past.

It said the move aims to promote the beauty and value of the Huế-based 300-year-old long dress fashion.

According to the department, the decision is also part of the cultural preservation project 'Huế -- the capital of Việt Nam’s Long Dress' that aims to boost the value of the dress as national intangible heritage.

The department said the long dress model was designed with five pieces of silk sewn from 1744, and the style was seen as the national long dress in the Minh Mạng King era.

Tourists can find many áo dài tailors on Mai Thúc Loan Street and the creation of one can be completed in just three hours.

Huế plans to host the Long Dress Day at the biennial Huế Festival from next year. – VNS

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