House ‘up the wrong tree'

Update: June, 16/2015 - 09:50

Hoang Cao Chi, the owner of a house in Le Hong Phong Street, HCM City, recently sent a petition to the local transport department asking permission to chop down a 50-year-old dau tree (Dipterocarpaceae) in front of his house.

In the letter, Chi said the tree was leaning against the balcony of his house, rubbing off the concrete finish. He said he also feared the tree might topple in the coming rainy season.

An inspection by the transport department found that the tree was growing normally and was unlikely to collapse. In a report, it said the tree, 30m high and 80cm in diameter, was planted before the house was built.

As it turned out, the house owner built the balcony in space reserved for the tree, violating regulations.

Chi thought he would win his battle against the tree, but he is now not so sure and is sitting and waiting for a decision by authorities. If it is found that the problem was created by his own calculated actions, he will probably be asked to remove the balcony.

While the tree can't speak for itself, it has many friends!.

What to do with a drunken husband?

Ten days have passed since 31-year-old Phan Duy Tan and his wife Vo Thi Dam from Quang Ngai Province's Ly Son District tied the knot, but their happiness is incomplete.

Their wedding party took place from noon until late at night. After relatives and friends went home, the couple counted the gifts and money loaned to pay for the wedding and banquet, which added up to nearly VND100 million (US$4,700). It was a tidy sum, enough to finish off fitting out their house ... and to pay for the celebrations.

Because he had consumed much alcohol and because of the scorching summer heat, Tan decided to sleep outdoors to enjoy open air on his wedding night. Unfortunately, a thief took advantage of the situation to secretly enter the house and steal all the money.

Tan suspected that his beloved wife had hidden their precious assets to tease him. He even had harsh words for her, making her so sad that she packed up clothes and returned to her parents' home.

Tan quickly understood that he had gone too far, realising how unlikely it would have been for his wife to want to break two hearts in front of others. He asked for her forgiveness, convinced that a theft had taken the assets.

Major Mai Van Tam, deputy head of the Ly Son District Police said he was informed of the theft, adding that theft was rare in this island district.

It is common for Vietnamese newly-weds to spend the first day after their wedding feasting with their families. However, Tan and Dam spent the time reporting the offence to police and going door to door to relatives and friends informing them of the theft.

Those that they had borrowed money from were asked to wait longer for the money to be paid back. Oh dear. There's no moral to this story, except to suggest that husbands who drink too much should not be trusted with heaps of cash. — VNS