HCM City’s private drama troupe celebrates 10-year anniversary

Update: November, 15/2019 - 09:25


Young actors of the Hồng Vân Drama Troupe, one of HCM City’s leading private theatres, are playing leading roles in dramas and comedies this season. — Courtesy Photo of Hồng Vân Drama Troupe

Thu Anh

HCM CITY — Veteran and young actors of Hồng Vân Drama Troupe, one of HCM City’s leading private theatres, have staged a series of new shows to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the troupe's founding.  

The highlighted shows include Bỉ Vỏ (Thieves), Con Nhà Nghèo (The Poor) and Ngôi Nhà Trên Thuyền (Boathouse).

Bỉ Vỏ, a production about women, was released last weekend, while Con Nhà Nghèo and Ngôi Nhà Trên Thuyền, which feature social issues, will be staged on Sunday. 

In these shows, young actors who have spent at least three years training in theatre play the leading roles.

Young talents Xuân Nghị, Trịnh Duy Anh and Quỳnh Hồ will make their debut in Bỉ Vỏ.

“I studied hard and worked as a backstage worker for Hồng Vân Drama Troupe before this season. I believe I will win plaudits from the audience,” said Lê Lộc, a young actor with the Hồng Vân Drama Troupe.

Lộc will play a leading role in Bỉ Vỏ, which is based on the novel of the same name written in 1937 by late author Nguyên Hồng.     

The play features the tragic life of Tám Bính, a rural girl living under a semi-feudal colony who is forced to be a gang leader. It also features the semi-feudal society of Việt Nam, which at the time included the two legal systems of the French rulers and local feudalists.

The play was a hit after it premiered in September.

Through her play, People’s Artist and Director Hồng Vân highlights the life of rural women and their character. 


"I don't use young actors without training them first. I believe that they haven't had enough time to improve their skills,” said Vân, owner of Hồng Vân Drama Troupe.    

Vân’s troupe offers quality plays with modern techniques which challenge the young staff, including graduates of art schools such as HCM City University of Theatre and Cinematography, and University of Culture.

“Young actors are limited in performance and life skills, but we need more young, skilled performers,” said Vân, who has more than 25 years of experience on the stage.

Vân’s troupe offers training courses in performance skills as the number of talented actors has declined in recent years.

Before joining the courses, candidates aged 18 to 25 take part in selection rounds hosted by the theatre's veteran artists, including People’s Artist Hữu Châu, Quốc Thảo, Đại Nghĩa and Vân.

In an interview with local media, People’s Artist and veteran actor Châu, a lecturer for Vân’s troupe, said: “Our students work with professional artists while attending class, and have opportunities to play small roles in the theatre's dramas and comedies.”

“They are trained for different levels of performance. In theatre, you cannot perform unless you are properly trained," he said.

Professional drama training has been part of Hồng Vân Drama Troupe's activities for the last 10 years so that "we can be recognised as a specialty art centre," Châu said.

The troupe has offered certification to 500 young artists who mostly work for theatres and drama clubs in HCM City and southern provinces.

“Our students are skilled in drama and traditional forms of chèo (traditional opera), cải lương (reformed theatre) and tuồng (classical drama),” he said. “Theatres, particularly private art troupes, should independently search for and train their own staff of young performers.” — VNS