Hanging library gets kids reading

Update: December, 07/2015 - 08:24

Quiet for once: Students enjoy reading books from hanging bookshelves in the school yard at Hai Hoa Primary School in Quang Tri Province's Hai Lang District. — Photo Trinh Bang Nhiem

by Trinh Bang Nhiem

Breaks during school time are now more exciting for students of Hai Hoa Primary School in the central province of Quang Tri's Hai Lang District. During the break, the students quickly go to the special "bookshelves" hanging from trees in the school yard.

This is a "friendly" library set up at the beginning of this school year with the support of the World Vision organisation.

"We want to inspire more students to read," Nguyen Thi Mien, headmistress of the school, told Viet Nam News.

"The main reason for the hanging library is that our library room is too small to accommodate many students. Our teachers got the idea of taking books to the school yard for students to read outdoors."

The books have been put inside 10 plastic boxes. Each can contain betwen 10 and 20 books. The boxes are hung from the trees. Students choose their books and sit on stone benches under the trees to read.

"Students are free to choose the books they like. At the same time, they have greater responsibility of taking care of the books," she said.

"We feel more comfortable as we can sit outdoors to read and chat with each another at the same time," Nguyen Thi Kieu Nhung, a fifth grade student, said. "We like to read even more now."

The project has been running since the 2012-2013 school year.

"With an eye-catching display, the library has attracted many students who have improved their reading skills," Huynh Thi Vinh, teacher-in-charge of class 4A, said.

Beside this library, the school has also organised a mobile library for students. Book shelves have been placed in the corridor for each class. The students can take the books easily and also take care of them.

The school has also set up some popular musical instruments such as guitars and drums, as well as chess boxes for students' entertainment during breaks in the corridors.

The school would encourage parents and teachers to contribute more books and to give financial support to allow the opening of the tree-library every day, Mien said. — VNS