Hà Nội strives to develop infrastructure

Update: October, 16/2020 - 00:00

Deputy director of the city's Department of Transport Vũ Hà. Photo

Ahead of Hà Nội's upcoming Party Committee Congress,  Vũ Hà, deputy director of the city's Department of Transport, talks to Tiền Phong (Vanguard) newspaper about his department’s plans to improve transport infrastructure in the capital.

What do you think about Hà Nội’s investment in infrastructure development over the last few years?

With guidance from the Party Central Committee, National Assembly and Government, and direct leadership from the municipal Party Committee, People’s Committee and other organisations, Hà Nội has recorded some notable successes in its socio-economic development, particularly infrastructure development – an important driving force for attracting more Vietnamese and foreign investors to the city.

However, I should say that what the city has achieved so far are only initial successes. Hà Nội needs more effort to live up to its huge potential and strengths as the heart of the nation. Traffic jams remain a big challenge for the city in its course of development, and so do connections with adjacent regions via public transport.

Has your department advised the People’s Committee about how to solve the transport problem in the city?

Hà Nội's Department of Transport will continue to advise the People’s Committee on what infrastructure Hà Nội should invest in to improve transport flow from the inner city to its five urban satellite regions, particularly transport in the inner city itself.

A shortage of capital is a headache for Hà Nội right now. Do you have any suggestions to help solve this problem?

Hà Nội needs huge investment for its development, not only in the field of infrastructure but also its socio-economic development and human resources.

At the Department of Transport, we have discussed and come up with the following measures:

First, to prioritise projects which need capital investment.

Second, to ensure co-ordination between authorities in the city and the central Government and neighbouring provinces in the course of implementing transport projects.

Third, to make the best use of the land available in Hà Nội.

And finally, to complete legal procedure, including policies, to facilitate land settlements and make available for auction to raise fund for the city to build more public projects. — VNS