Gia Hoét 1 levee breaks

Update: October, 03/2017 - 14:29
Gia Hoét 1 levee broke on Monday, submerging people’s cattle and assets. – Photo
Viet Nam News

BÀ RỊA - VŨNG TÀU — A portion of the Gia Hoét 1 dyke in Châu Đức District’s Quảng Thành’s Ward broke on Monday, flooding the residential area and sweeping away people’s cattle and assets.

The levee breach was caused by the rising water level following heavy rainfall on September 30.

According to funtional forces, at the time the dyke started breaking, the water level was 137.8m, higher than the inital design.

Bùi Chí Thành, secretary of Châu Đức District People’s Committee, said it moved 25 families in danger to safe areas.

The levee breach flooded 17ha of farming land in Quảng Thành, Xuân Sơn and Bình Trung communes and submerged people’s assets.

The Gia Hoét 1 dyke is located behind Quảng Thành Ward’s residential area. Nearly 100 volunteers, troops and policemen collaborated to deal with the levee failure. — VNS