Firms starting to register online

Update: June, 24/2016 - 09:00
Phạm Thị Kim Tuyến. - Photo
Viet Nam News

How does the capital city carry out online business registrations so far?

Online business registration is very new. It helps businesses save time and money. Online registration also increases transparency and minimises corruption.

Online registration has been available for some years now, but the number of businesses using the service is still low.

In 2013 and 2014, online registrations accounted for 0.13 per cent of all business registrations. The percentage increased by 0.5 per cent last year and by 2 per cent as of June this year.

What are some advantages and challenges of implementing online business registration?

As I said, the service saves time and money for businesses. Online registration helps reduce paperwork and administrative procedures for business registration licensing agencies.

But the difficulty in expanding the new service is that many people and businesses are not familiar with the online method.

Online registration requires tools, such as scanners, computers, and online banking accounts. The fees for electronic signatures are still high, especially for businesses with many founding members.

Technical issues are another obstacle. Licensing agency staff take more time to read documents in soft copy online formats.

What is needed to expand online registration?

Administrative processing procedures need to be streamlined. Online registration approvals should be accelerated. Licensing agencies should commit to grant business licenses within two days.

Agencies should also co-operate with consulting companies to increase online business registrations, as well as to accelerate the spread of information about the advantages of this online service.

Licensing agencies should also upgrade their office equipment to meet the demands of online business registration. — VNS