Explore Hạ Long cuisine

Update: March, 26/2021 - 13:51


A dish of peanut worms. VNA/VNS File Photo

HCM CITY Bánh gật gù (Nodding rolls), seafood noodle soup and peanut worms are among the must-try dishes when visiting Quảng Nình Province’s Hạ Long City, home to the world-famous Hạ Long Bay.

Bánh gật gù are a specialty of Tiên Yên District. The rolls are made from sticky rice powder, with sizes similar to bánh cuốn (steamed rice paper rolls). The dish is often served with minced pork and chicken fat sauce.

The rolls seem to 'nod' repeatedly when lifted off a plate, hence their name. The price is VNĐ30,000 (US$1.3) per portion.

People usually order seafood noodle soup for breakfast in Hạ Long. A bowl of the dish includes shrimp, crab (or stone crab), mantis shrimp, fish cakes, green mustard (or celery). It is often served with herbs. Prices start at VNĐ40,000.

Fresh peanut worms are usually stir-fried with garlic, pineapples or vegetables. Other recipes involve grilling the worms with salt and chili, deep frying, or just eating them raw with mustard.

Peanut worms are not only delicious but also high in nutritional value. They are commonly sold on Quan Lạn Island. VNS