Đồng Nai enterprises in need of more workers

Update: July, 29/2016 - 10:54
Workes at Vân Phát Trading Company in Trảng Bom District, Đồng Nai Province. — Photo

ĐỒNG NAI — Many enterprises in southern Đồng Nai Province have been in need of labourers, mostly manual workers for textiles, wood processing and mechanics to complete their additional contracts in the past two months.

They have tried many ways to recruit enough workers. Some have even set a table with recruitment signs in crowded areas, but the number registered has not met current demand.

In industrial zones such as Hố Nai, Song Mây in Trảng Bom District and Amata in Biên Hòa City, recruitment leaflets are seen on information boards. Each enterprise is in need of between 10 and 200 workers.

Bắc Hoàng Co Ltd in Hố Nai Industrial Zone is an example. A new workshop has been built and the company is recruiting 300 labourers. During the probationary period, the company offers the monthly salary of more than VNĐ3.7 million (US$166) and additional bonus of VNĐ300,000-550,000 ($13-23.9) for hard-working employees.

The company has advertised in many places since the end of June, but there were several people coming to apply for jobs each day. By mid July, the company decided to set a recruitment table at the gate of the industrial zone, with two persons on duty to give consultancy, answer questions and receive CVs from potential employees.

A representative of the company said that the number of applicants has increased but still could not meet demand.

This recruitment method was costly and the company could not maintain it any longer, he said.

Việt Nam Golden Flag Co Ltd is in the same situation. It has offered the monthly salary of VNĐ3.7 million ($166) for positions of mechanics and welders, and accepted those who have not been trained in these fields, but the result has not been as positive as expected.

The company has later set a table on the road to recruit labourers, and staff from human resources have been forced to be on duty at the table to get enough workers.

Lâm Thanh Thu, deputy head of Southeast Job Introduction Centre in Đồng Nai Province said that the demand of labourers is exceeding supply. At three job transactions organised by the centre recently, the number of employees needed was between 1,000 and 2,000, but those applying for jobs were low.

Thu cited the transaction on July 10 as an example. There were nearly 1,000 positions waiting for employees, but only 100 positions were filled.

According to Thu, the high demand of employees was caused by the additional contracts enterprises have gained in the past several months.

Moreover, the number of migrants looking for jobs from the North and the Central region to Đồng Nai Province has been reducing as many industrial zones have been built in their hometown. Most labourers preferred to work closer to home, he said.

Thu said enterprises in the province should set up a strategy on human resource management, which includes benefits and favourable working conditions for workers to attract them to return to work after holidays and attract more labourers when needed. — VNS