Dale Carnegie Vietnam to introduce leadership course in English

Update: February, 01/2018 - 14:01

Dale Carnegie has, for the first time in 100 years, introduced the English version of its historical and original leadership course that billionaire Warren Buffet had enrolled.

Buffet is not only known for his enormous wealth and wisdom as an investor, but also for his influential public speeches. As someone who always feared speaking to the crowd, Buffet has come a long way to become a talented speaker. He has also held the position of the world’s No 1 investor for many years.

One of Buffet’s “secret” investments is Dale Carnegie course which he is always proud of.

“I actually have the diploma in the office. I don't have my diploma from college, I don't have my diploma from graduate school, but I've got my Dale Carnegie diploma there, because it changed my life… That’s the most important degree that I have,” Buffet said of the leadership course.

Deeply based on the philosophy and art of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” - a self-help book written by Dale Carnegie, the transformational leadership development course strengthened, reinforced and fully liberated the hidden potential inside the talented investor, helping him develop a roadmap for success and breakthroughs.

Buffet is only one among nine million learners who benefit from this course every day.

The programme itself has had more than seven million participants worldwide. Some outstanding graduates are business leaders such as Warren Buffet, Lee Iacocca, Anthony Robbins and 36th US President Lyndon B. Johnson, among others.

Being offered in Việt Nam since 2007, Dale Carnegie courses have benefitted more than 20,000 learners, who are now leaders and senior managers, with some 70 per cent of them working in multi-national companies.

Although the course was localised by Dale Carnegie, many learners expressed the desire to study the original course in English.

In the context of globalisation, language is no longer a barrier or challenge to a new generation of leaders and managers. If knowing English was previously considered an advantage, today it is the common knowledge of mankind that is one of the must-know skills of the global citizen.

Understanding this demand, Dale Carnegie Vietnam introduced its “Transformational Leadership Course” in English after providing the Vietnamese version for 10 years.

This is also an opportunity for leaders and senior managers to easily access Dale Carnegie’s original knowledge while working in Việt Nam at a more reasonable cost than studying abroad.

The Transformational Leadership programme can exploit the potential in every learner to push them beyond their limits and reach breakthrough targets through Transformational Formula and “Coaching in the Moment” methodology.

Through this model, leaders and managers can quickly create remarkable breakthroughs in thinking and emotion as well as behavior and be equipped with five supreme qualities: self-confidence, persuasive communication, self-leadership, stress control and positive attitude.

A comprehensive change in mindset and emotion in each individual, optimising internal and external resources and positively influencing the staff and surrounding environment are primary responsibilities of leaders in the industrial revolution 4.0. This will help businesses create a firm launching pad for success and building a strong competitive edge in the new era.

The “Transformational Leadership” course in English will be offered in HCM City from March 2-4. In Hà Nội, the course will be offered for three days in March, May and July.

Those interested can register at or email

Dale Carnegie Vietnam is the only authorised agent to provide Dale Carnegie courses in Việt Nam. With a network of more than 270 offices in 91 countries and territories, together with 2,000 multi-language coaches around the world, Dale Carnegie has 80 per cent of its customers featuring in the Fortune list.