Dak Lak hospitals lack funding for staff salaries

Update: December, 11/2015 - 09:09
Fourteen hospitals, including the Dak Lak TB and Lung Diseases Hospital, in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak lack sufficient funds to pay staff salaries. — Photo

HCM CITY (VNS) — Fourteen hospitals in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak lack sufficient funds to pay staff salaries totalling VND15 billion (US$667,500), according to the provincial health department.

Local media reported that doctors and medical staff at Buon Ma Thuot General Hospital were concerned because they had not received their salaries for November.

They are not sure if they will be able to receive their salary for December.

"I don't understand why," said a doctor at Buon Ma Thuot General Hospital who declined to be named.

An official at the hospital, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the hospital had not paid VND1.5 billion ($66,750) in salaries in November to 277 doctors and medical staff at the hospital.

A representative of the hospital's finance and accounting department, who was authorised by the hospital's director to release information to the media, said the "collections had not been enough to cover salary payments".

He said the province had asked the hospital to aim for VND61 billion ($2.71 million) in collections this year and reserve VND6.65 billion ($295,925) for the salary payment fund.

But the hospital has collected only VND54.7 billion ($2.43 million), so the amount reserved for salary payments is only VND3.5 billion ($155,750).

According to the province's health department, all 14 hospitals in the province are facing the same problem.

The total amount of salary payments due in November and December is expected to reach more than VND15 billion ($666,600) , said the department.

Of this figure, the Buon Ho Commune General Hospital owes more than VND3.2 billion ($142,200) in salaries, followed by Buon Ma Thuot General Hospital with VND3.1 billion ($137,700). Another 12 hospitals owe from VND131 million ($5,800) to VND1.6 billion ($71,100).

Tran Vu Son, deputy head of the Finance and Accounting Department under the provincial health department, said according to the regulation, of the total collections, after deducting medicine and medical treatment costs, the remaining amount will be allocated between salaries and a special fund.

Sixty-five per cent will be allocated for regular salaries and 35 per cent for a "special" fund, which will be used to pay salaries in case there are changes to the salary fund.

Son said the province had set a target for 14 hospitals to collect nearly VND311.6 billion ($13.86 million) in 2015.

But it is estimated that the hospital will be able to collect only VND282 billion ($12.81 million) by the end of this month.

Son said the hospital would need more than VND15 billion ($666,600) for salary payments.

The health department has asked the finance department to provide more money to the health department for salary payments, Son said.

Tu Thai Giang, director of the finance department, said the agency was informed about the case and will submit the request to the province's People's Committee. — VNS