Customs clearance to quicken

Update: August, 16/2014 - 09:15

Viet Nam is implementing the National Single Window (NSW) system to accelerate the pace of customs clearance to improve the nation's import-export trade.  Deputy Director of the Import-Export Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Tran Thanh Hai, spoke with the Hai Quan (Customs) Newspaper about the benefits of enterprises joining the system.


How has Viet Nam prepared for implementation of the National Single Window?

Implementation of NSW was divided into three periods in Viet Nam. The first period, from 2011-13, included the participation of three ministries and sectors relating to export-import activities, including the General Department of Customs of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the transport ministry. During this period, activities focused on implementation of infrastructure, facilities, software and online-procedures for enterprises.

Now, we are into the second period (2014-2015). During this period we will focus on creating a connection between departments in the three ministries. Also, the Customs sector is putting in place its e-customs system, an important step for the implementation of NSW.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has had an online system to issue certificates of origin (C/O) for goods, while the Ministry of Transport also has a goods declaration site. However, the two systems still haven't connected with the e-customs system. Other ministries will connect with the NSW during the second period, including the health, agriculture and rural development, natural resources and environment ministries. Remaining ministries and sectors relating to export-import permissions will participate in the system beginning in 2015.

What is the largest benefit for enterprises that join the NSW?

Saving time and spending would be the biggest benefit for enterprises that join the NSW, because they could perform import-export transactions right at their offices.

In addition, import and export procedures will become more simple and transparent.

For State organisations, the process will help modernising activities and reducing pressure on authorities when all documents and files of enterprises will be handled online.

In the future, Viet Nam's NSW system will connect with countries in the ASEAN region and the world. Import and export enterprises will benefit more from the NSW system.

What local enterprises should prepare for joining the new system?

For me, the most important requirement for enterprises is preparation of their awareness and skills. They must acknowledge that it would be an avoidable trend in coming years. Thus, enterprises should prepare to join in the system when it is implemented in the country.

About skills, enterprises will perform procedures online, instead of going to State organisations to submit documents. State organisations have responsibilities to train staffs about online skills and techniques for enterprises through communication and workshops.

There is no large requirement for enterprises to join in the NSW system, because it is based on existing internet systems for enterprises. Enterprises, however, might need an e-signature security system.

How will the Ministry of Industry and Trade support local enterprises?

One of the key measures that have been implemented by the ministry is to strengthen' awareness among enterprises. A series of workshops have been organised in three regions of the country with an aim to provide initial information about NSW to enterprises.

In the coming period, we really need more changes among enterprises with an aim to put the mechanism on the right track, which has been set by ASEAN leaders. — VNS