Bangladesh Fashion Through the Years

Update: February, 05/2017 - 14:42


“Bangladesh Fashion Through the Years” highlights Bengali fashion from the 1940s through the millennium.

In the early 1940s, fashion in the British Raj was largely motivated by the western world, finger waves and pin rolls in hairdos became popular. Both men and women wore the khadi while the Bengali style of draping a saree followed a modern style, with several pleats in the navel and the anchal on the left was considered more appropriate and elegant.

In the 1950s, Bangladesh was still apart of East Pakistan but the ladies from this region followed the styles of prominent actresses from Bollywood like Nargis, with her high-necked silk blouse and pure chiffon sarees. The upper crust of society donned a combination of Victorian and Mughal styling like lehengas, embroidered gowns and long frilled skirts.

In the 1960s, Bengali women were donning sleeveless blouses with chiffon sarees and body hugging shalwar-kurtis while the saree draping style changed from the traditional right to left anchal. The 1970s saw global fashion inclination towards psychedelic prints, vibrant colours, nets, shiny materials with bold designs and Bangladesh was not left uninfluenced.

In the 1980s, inclination towards polka dots in different colours, sizes and shapes reigned supreme.

During the 1990s, the ladies leaped backed to the Mughal era and Anarkalis and really long kameez became popular.

The 2000s saw jeans, slacks, tops, shirts becoming the major fashion items for the everyday woman, while sarees became celebratory attires.

From 2010 onwards, casual kurtis, pants, dhotis, etc. were basic dress up materials. Sarees were trending again, only this time the blouses were altered in various ways to give a ravishing fusion look. Jacket blouses, net blouses, halter necks and many other designs became the highlight of a saree.

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