All that glitters isn't gold

Update: March, 20/2018 - 09:00

A concert last Saturday in southern Cần Thơ Province was abruptly interrupted when a woman and several of her friends jumped on stage claiming a gold bar worth approximately US$1,500 had been stolen from her.

The woman demanded the event’s organisers take full responsibility for her loss. Needless to say, the organisers were speechless, probably wondering why anyone would take a gold bar to a concert.

Things were starting to get a bit rowdy on stage when a female singer, known for her charity work, decided to step in and offer her entire pay for night (about $400) as compensation for her loss. When asked later if it crossed her mind that the whole thing may have been a ruse the singer said she was thinking of the audience’s safety.

“Even if it was just a show I do hope that the swindlers will find their way to return to the right path,” she said.

However, many people thought that they should have called the police. More often than not those people will just disappear as soon as the police arrive, claimed a fan who thought her favourite singer was too trusting.