AI Day 2021: The world's best AI speakers announced

Update: August, 25/2021 - 11:00

The world's best professors in artificial intelligence, who are said to shape the future of science and technology, will be present at the virtual event "AI Day 2021: Empowering Innovations" held by VinAI Artificial Intelligence Research and Application JSC (VinAI) on August 27-28, 2021.

Professor Michael I. Jordan

Professor Michael I. Jordan: The Most Influential Computer Scientist

One of the world’s leading figures in the AI field who will be a speaker at AI Day 2021 is Michael I. Jordan, Professor Emeritus at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. He is considered one of the world’s most influential scientists in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Professor Jordan is known for his foundational work in computer science and statistics, natural language processing, and signal processing. Michael I. Jordan is also famous for his applied work in computational biology (a multidisciplinary field that applies computer science and statistics to solve biological problems). His research results forge important links between computational science, statistics, cognitive science and biology.

Prof. Michael I. Jordan has published hundreds of scientific articles. He is also the author, editor and co-editor of six famous books that are considered by researchers and engineers in artificial intelligence and machine learning as important textbooks for many years. He was cited by Science Magazine in 2016 as the most influential author in Computer Science.

At the AI Day 2021 on August 27, 2021, Professor Michael I. Jordan will deliver a speech with the theme: “Machine Learning: Computational, Inferential and Economic Perspectives”. On the morning of the same day, he will also discuss the topic "Research and Development of Artificial Intelligence in Southeast Asia" with Dr. Bui Hai Hung – VinAI General Director and other leading professors.

Dr. Marian Croak

Google Vice President of Engineering Marian Croak: The person shaping the future of science and technology

Besides Professor Michael I. Jordan, AI Day 2021 is also attended by Dr. Marian Croak who is accredited with initiating and furthering the development of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). This enables millions of current users to make voice calls directly from their computers or mobile devices. Dr. Marian Croak has made a great contribution to the development of technology with more than 200 patents in different fields to her name.

After her 32-year career with AT&T as a senior leader, Dr. Marian Croak left the world's leading technology group and joined Google as their Vice President. In her new role, she was tasked with leading responsible artificial intelligence, making a positive impact on the community.

Recently, Forbes magazine honoured Dr. Marian Croak in the "50 Over 50" list, highlighting female visionaries over 50 who are shaping the future of Science, Technology and Art. 

As planned, at AI Day 2021, Dr. Marian Croak will share her practical perspective and inspire young people with the theme “Artificial Intelligence in Innovation”, on the morning of August 28, 2021.

Professor Andrew Zisserman

Andrew Zisserman - the author laying the foundation for modern Computer Vision

Andrew Zisserman is a Royal Society Research Professor and the Professor of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, where he leads the Visual Geometry Group.

On the afternoon of August 27, 2021, he will give a speech with the theme: “Human Action Recognition in Videos”. This is the "forte" of Professor Andrew Zisserman, globally known for his important discoveries laying the foundation for Computer Vision such as visual recognition, image and video retrieval. He is one of the researchers who have proven to the world that computer vision could solve problems that humans could not, most famously recovering 3D structures from multiple images.

Currently, he is the author of more than 500 scientific articles on Computer Vision and many famous “must-read” works for most people in the field. Professor Andrew Zisserman FRS was awarded the 2017 Milner Award in recognition of his exceptional achievements in computer programming. At the upcoming online event organised by VinAI, the audience will have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A session with this renowned professor.

Dr. Oren Etzioni

Dr. Oren Etzioni - A pioneer in applied AI research

Dr. Oren Etzioni is the Chief Executive Officer of the Allen Institute for AI (AI2) - a non-profit research institute founded in 2014 with the mission of conducting high-impact AI research and engineering in service of the common good.

Oren Etzioni is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington. He has written over 100 technical papers, as well as commentary on AI for The New York Times, Nature, Wired and MIT Technology Review.

Dr. Oren Etzioni is a pioneer in research on current applications such as the famous Metasearch engine (or search aggregator); an online comparison shopping tool for products on online stores. Moreover, he is the author of famous studies on Machine Reading and Open Information Extraction, etc.

At the AI Day 2021 event, Dr. Oren Etzioni will talk about "Artificial Intelligence in Innovation" with projects aimed at AI research and engineering in service of the common good. One notable project among these is expected to be the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) project, which aims to collect information and treat COVID-19.

“AI Day 2021: Empowering Innovations” will be live-streamed on August 27 and 28, 2021 on VinAI YouTube channel and other social networking platforms of VinAI Research. Register to join the event here ( to get a chance to receive gifts from the Organization Board. For further information of the event, please visit: