Partnership agreement between MK Group, Viet Nam, and ALTEROSA, Brazil

Ha Noi, Viet Nam, April 11, 2018

MK Group Joint Stock Company (MK Group) is pleased to announce a partnership with ALTEROSA, a Brazilian smartcard manufacturer established on August 20, 1939, to form the new brand of ALTEROSA MK.  

Under the agreement signed on April 6, 2018, MK Group will acquire 20 per cent of total issued shares of ALTEROSA by technology transfer. The two companies will join forces to utilise MK Group’s specialty in smartcard production, smartcard personalisation and software development as well as ALTEROSA’s production capacity and understanding of the Latin American market.

MK Group is the leading provider of smartcards and digital security solutions for financial, telecommunication and retail enterprises in Southeast Asia. The company is rapidly expanding its business to other international markets.

ALTEROSA, on the other hand, is well recognised in the domestic market for its advanced technology and quality products. It is one of the few smartcard manufacturers in Brazil certified by CABAL, ELO, JCB, MasterCard, VISA and ISO.

Nguyen Trong Khang, Chairman of MK Group, said: “MK Group has been the market leader in Southeast Asia with years of experience in providing products and solutions for authentication and secure transactions of smartcards. ALTEROSA is the right partner for our company to reach the potential market in Latin America. With this partnership, MK Group and ALTEROSA will pursue the emerging market for smartcard products, particularly payment cards, SIM cards and government ID. Moreover, this investment is an opportunity for MK Group to broaden its knowledge of a new international market and implement its learnings in Viet Nam to provide better products and solutions for domestic customers.”   

About MK Group Joint Stock Company, Viet Nam

MK Group Joint Stock Company (MK Group) is a Viet Nam-based company specialising in a wide range of digital secure authentication solutions and smartcard products.

·    Smart ways of payment, identification and exchange of data.

·    Digitalisation of identification, transaction and communication.

·    Secure data, identity, transaction and communication.

MK Group has 19 years of experience in the finance sector, including banking, governments, enterprises, transportation and telecom. We ceaselessly invest to improve the quality of products and services. We work closely with our customers, partners and other stakeholders to successfully transform their operations in the fast-changing technological world.

About ALTEROSA, Brazil

ALTEROSA is a Brazilian company specialising in a wide range of publishing and printing products. It also became a smartcard manufacturer in 1995 producing card solutions and smartcard products and services.

·          Smartcards, contact, contactless and dual interface cards.

·          Certified Cabal, Elo, JCB, Mastercard, VISA and ISO.

·          Smartcard personalisation and fulfilment services and development.

ALTEROSA has 79 years of experience in Brazil and Latin America, from publishing and printing services to finance, banking and enterprises. The company’s finances are solid and in robust shape. Recognised in the market for its tradition and reliability, ALTEROSA has always invested in its employees and to improve the quality of products and services. The company works closely with its internal and external customers, partners and shareholders to consolidate its position of solidity and trustworthiness, building a future path aimed at the prosperity of the ecosystems within and around it and successfully understanding technology trends and values as its contribution to a better world.

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