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Sky Villas Regent Residences Phu Quoc: Million-dollar vision

Update: June, 29/2018 - 16:39

Situated at a prime location in Bãi Trường, Phú Quốc island, Regent Residences Phu Quoc is a hot spot attracting many high-end domestic and foreign real estate investors.

Sky Villas at Regent Residences Phu Quoc is considered a typical example of the “upstream” real estate model, scoring absolutely with its 360-degree panoramic views.

Million-dollar vision enhances quality of life

Living in an open space in harmony with nature helps improve the quality of life of the people. Therefore, with the crowded urban areas, there is not much natural green space. Therefore, the vision of an apartment becomes especially important to provide a comfortable living space and freedom to the owner. The vision is equally important when it comes to resort property to determine its attractiveness as well as the value of the project.

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