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Small things for sustainable corporate development

Update: October, 20/2020 - 10:00

Environmental protection should be among the first mandates for enterprises. And at HP Inc., environmental protection is considered part of their development plan.

HP’s ink cartridges are environmentally-friendly as they are made from plastic waste collected from Haiti and other countries, which has helped reduce more than 5,000 tractor-trailer loads of plastic waste that should have otherwise ended up in the ocean and landfills since 2000.


Plastic waste, which is collected from Haiti and other countries, after being treated

HP’s activity has inspired other enterprises to protect our green planet. They are encouraged to start from the smallest things, such as improving the working conditions for their employees, to ensure their sustainable development.


HP ink cartridges are collected for recycling

Providing employees with a better working environment

Enterprises can consider using genuine HP ink to improve their working environment. The solution helps improve the air quality as the ink’s components have been verified, and reduce noise when printers are in use.

With a closed production line and safe components, HP ink will help protect the health of employees as the ink does not cause odours and stains on surfaces.

Contributing to environmental protection and saving costs for enterprises

Both HP ink cartridges and packaging materials are environmentally-friendly. Ink cartridges, after being used, can be sent back to HP for recycling. Genuine HP ink, which meets energy saving standards, will help save energy, thus protecting the environment.


HP’s genuine ink cartridges are made from waste

In addition to A-size ink cartridges, HP produces X-size ones, which help save costs for enterprises besides contributing to protecting the environment like other HP genuine ink cartridges. High-quality ink cartridges with large capacities will help enterprises have high-quality printouts at low costs. Genuine ink also helps printers run stably and prevent possible errors, thus saving costs for the maintenance and replacement of accessories of printers.

HP’s genuine X-size ink cartridges will be an appropriate and wise choice for enterprises. Some genuine X-size ink cartridges are CF280X, CE505X, CF283X, CF226X, CF256X and CF276X, which should be used for M428, M404, M433A, M436 and M402 printers.

HP’s genuine X-size ink cartridges are distributed by Elite Technology JSC

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