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Would you bet on EURO 2016?

Update: June, 24/2016 - 14:30

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This week: Would you bet on EURO 2016?

Like many people around the world, Vietnamese are crazy about football, especially world tournaments like World Cup, Champions League, or the on-going EURO 2016.

“Love for the ball” has spread far and wide. Football players, students and office employees often stay awake most of the night, which seriously affects their ability to work the next day. 

Addiction to soccer betting, no matter how minor the amount of money placed on a bet, becomes a fever. That fever continues to burn, though sports betting remains illegal in Việt Nam.

Due to popular demand, the country is considering the legalisation of sports betting operated under State management.

But almost six years after the legalisation of sports betting was discussed officially for the first time, a draft decree regulating the business remains unseen. Many economists remain impatient about the Government’s continued delays. Economists argue that we are totally capable of managing sports betting as a society, as long as regulations are clear.

Is soccer betting legal in your country? If so, how is it organised? Do you think legalising sports betting would help eliminte illegal sports betting?

Do you like betting? How much do you spend on each bet?

When you put money on a bet, do you believe you can make good money from betting? Or do you bet for fun or because it’s trendy?

Which do you think football fans should do if they want to stay awake all night to watch football matches, without affecting their work the next day?

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