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Readers comment if jobseekers should kneel, beg for positions

Update: January, 15/2016 - 09:35

Last week, Viet Nam News asked readers to share how they would seek a job if they did not have any degree. The question was raised after a 23-year-old-man, who only studied until sixth grade, knelt down on the ground for hours in Ha Noi's Nguyen Chi Thanh street asking for a job early this month. Some readers' sympathies were with the man, but others weren't. Here are some of them:

Alexander Pritchard Blessing, British, Ha Noi

As a former greyhound breeder, I found degree level qualifications entirely unnecessary. The young man in question should have simply got down to brass tacks and pursued a career within his reach. For example, he could run a cafe or teaching company.

Of course, growing up in rural Wales, one had to pull one's own weight. I fondly remember learning the value of hard work at my father's fusion restaurant. Whether I was boiling leeks or marinating jerk chicken, I rolled up my sleeves and got on with it.

Slaughtering chickens correctly is of course a skill that is dying out. In Ha Noi, I regularly see chickens that have clearly been butchered by an amateur.

Quynh Nhung, Vietnamese, Prague

What is his mindset? I am really curious to know what he has been doing since dropping his studies in the sixth grade. He is young, and there is a lot of work he can do. He can work as a taxi driver, worker, cleaner, shipper, or xe om (motorbike-taxi driver). He is too picky when he only wants to work as a salesperson. If I stopped my study at sixth grade, I would do any legal job to earn a living.

If his style, kneeling down on the ground and begging for a job is an effective way for an employer will hire him, I will be totally surprised. His story will intentionally advocate for other job-seekers without degree to do the same to get a job. No one needs to fill their curriculum vitas, they just have to kneel down and beg. So, what will become of our society?

We are living in the era of internet, where a person can easily access information he requires by a click. I mean that he should research several jobs for people without any degree and try to apply. I think it is the best way. I wish him luck!

Chaisee, Thai, Bangkok

Kneeling down and begging shows your weakness and hurts your chances. Do not kneel down and do not beg either. You should meet recruiters and tell them why you are their best choice! You do not need to wait for a specific job. Go out there and apply, apply, and apply until you get a job.

Jill Nguyen, Vietnamese, Ha Noi

My thoughts are with the man. I graduated college and had two years experience. I can speak English but it is still hard to find a job. My friends always thought that since I could speak English, it would be easy to get a job but they are wrong. In Viet Nam, employers care about what university a candidate graduated from and whether it is a prestigious one. They also demand work experience from candidates. Why don't they give us a chance to work instead of demanding working experience?

Hannah, Malaysian, Kuala Lumpur

Begging will never get it done. There is a lot of competition in the current job market. Focus more on the skills you have to offer. Search for jobs via newspapers and internet and see what skills they are asking for. Good luck!

Quang, Vietnamese, Ha Noi

I know many people who do not have any degree or qualifications but they do not do the same thing as this man. If he wants to get a job, the necessary thing he should do is try to study hard and gain experiences. He should not beg for pity. A young man, kneeling down on the ground, why did he do such an embarrassing thing? — VNS

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