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Do you think these countries will stop eating dogs?

Update: November, 13/2015 - 09:39

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Countries where dogs are eaten could potentially be boycotted. What do you think about that?

Birmingham Mail reported last week that British tourists could boycott countries such as China or Viet Nam in protest of the dog meat trade.

British Parliament member Steve McCabe said Asian countries where dogs are eaten are putting their tourism sectors at risk.

He spoke after a House of Commons debate in which MPs heard a report that 20 million dogs are eaten in China each year. Five million are eaten annually in Viet Nam, followed by two million in South Korea.

MPs who expressed their opinions said they weren't simply opposed to eating dogs, even though they found the idea "revolting".

They cited reports from animal rights charity AnimalAsia, which conducted four years of research and found that people are even eating family pets.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Would a boycott of these countries be reasonable? Do you think these countries will stop eating dogs, or are the customs too engrained?

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