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Do you hate it when people drive though red lights?

Update: August, 07/2015 - 10:07

A poor man last week was pulled off his motorbike and beaten badly for one reason, insisting on stopping at a traffic light.

The man reportedly refused to make way for a van behind him which kept honking at him to move over so it could run a red light in Bac Ninh Province. His determination angered the people on the van and five men jumped out to deal with the motorbike driver.

Though this case of physical harassment is an extreme example, it points to the issue of refusing to wait for green lights, which is common across Viet Nam. The behavior is especially common five seconds before and after green lights. People are literally on the frontline, refusing to cross the white traffic line means enduring all the honking and screaming from those behind.

Have you experienced this kind of honking when driving in Viet Nam? Have you ever been forced to illegally run a red light because of this? Do you find it annoying? Do you have suggestions to stop it? Do you know how other countries deal with this issue? Should the honkers be fined?

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