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You Asked ( 21-05-2013)

Update: May, 21/2013 - 10:01

Dear Editor,

There is a rule that decrees a foreigner visiting Viet Nam on a tourist visa cannot legally rent a house and must stay in a hotel.

That's pretty clear, but the waters are muddied if the foreign visitor has a business visa. Are they legally allowed to rent a house?

David Wood (wooddavid42@.....)

Dear David,

Based on our consultation with lawyer Phung Quang Cuong of NH Quang&Associates, we can share with you the following answers: Under Article 131 of the Law on Housing in 2006 (and amended in 2009), a foreigner is allowed to rent a house in Viet Nam if they have a Vietnamese visa lasting over three months.

So, to determine whether a foreigner is allowed to rent a house in Viet Nam or not, you must look at the duration of the visa, rather than the type.

Article 3, Clause 2 of Decree 21/2001/ND-CP providing guidelines for the ordinance on entry and exit of foreigners in Viet Nam stipulates that: "Single or multiple visas with the validity of no more than 12 months are issued to persons entering Viet Nam for performing projects under investment licences or co-operation contracts with Vietnamese agencies and/or organisations".

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