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Pedestrian street pet ban met with mixed response

Update: August, 07/2015 - 10:04
Last week, Viet Nam News asked its readers about their opinion the HCM City's People' Committee recent order that the Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street's management team forbid pets on the walkway.

Here are some of your comments.

Nguyen Thi Thao, Vietnamese, HCM City

My family has often visited the Nguyen Hue walking Street. It is really wonderful that the city now has a walking street for everybody in the centre of downtown.

The street is a public space that attracts many local residents and tourists. It is crowded during the week, not only on the weekend.

It was exciting to see many nice pets on the street. My family loves pets, especially dogs, and my little daughter always asks me if she can play with them each time we go there.

We felt sad when we heard that pets would not be allowed on the street anymore, but I think it's necessary.

Besides small and lovely pets, many other people take big dogs, which can be cruel and dangerous. Their owners do not control their defecation and they dirty the streets.

The walking street was built for humans. One can see a lot of young people playing music, dancing, performing sports, and both local and international tourists walking, taking pictures and enjoying the fresh air. The street does not have enough space for pets to play free.

I hope in the near future, more walking streets like Nguyen Hue are built to serve local residents' needs, even parks for pets. But for now, it is better to ban pets on Nguyen Hue walking street.

Varadhan Radhanath, Indian, HCM City

Obviously, no one wants to step on animal poop. Where there are dogs and cats, chances are there will be some excrement, unless pet owners are willing to clean up. But then, what if some don't? Enforcement would be a nightmare.

While I haven't been there myself, I believe the street gets pretty crowded at night. We have to ask ourselves, is it a great idea to bring along animals that might get excited and even attack someone?

So you could say I am for the ban. Disclaimer: I've never had a pet in my life!

Nguyen Le Ha Van, Vietnamese, HCM City

When I studied in France, I saw pedestrian streets in city-centers allowing people to bring their pets with them. In my opinion, the forbiddance of pets on the walkway depends on people's awareness.

In France, I sometimes saw some animal poop on the street, but most of it is caused by homeless' animals. In Viet Nam, it happens due people's lack of awareness. A ban on pets on pedestrian streets like Nguyen Hue will help keep the street clean.

Vietnamese people have low awareness of how to preserve their environment. Rubbish is thrown everywhere despite the fact that we see banners and signs which forbid people from littering in many places.

Nguyen Hue Street is a communal place for a lot of people, so the ban of street vendors, pets and skating are good decisions.

Nguyen Anh Minh, Vietnamese, Ha Noi

I agree with HCM authorities' decision to forbid pets on Nguyen Hue Street. Allowing pets on the street is dangerous because they may bite pedestrians if they are recklessly handled.

I've visited that street and saw a lot of pets there. No one is sure whether these pets are vaccinated.

Last week, I took my niece to Nguyen Hue street and she burst into loud wails when a big dog approached her. We were frightened despite being told by the dog's owner that it won't do harm to us.

I have seen a lot of foreigners bring nylon bags and tissues while taking their pets for a walk. They are willing to clean up and keep the street clean. I assume that not many Vietnamese people do the same thing.

Parks and lawns are places for families and children to play and picnic, but people deliberately bring their pets to pee and poop.

I think strict fines should apply to people who have their dog go to the bathroom in the street.

In my opinion, a ban of carrying pets on the street is a reluctant decision due to residents' lack of awareness.

I believe the ban of pets, selling coffee, skating and sitting on picnic blankets on Nguyen Hue Street will make the street more beautiful.

Tran Thi Nhu Nguyen, Vietnamese, HCM City

I support the authorities' decision. I've visited the Nguyen Hue pedestrian street several times. It's a very crowded street. No stone benches are available for people to take a rest after a long walk so people often sit on the ground.

How do you feel if you encounter min or animal poop while you and your friends are walking or sit on the floor for fun and fresh air?

Not to mention, not all people like dogs and cats. For example, I'm afraid of cats. If someone comes up to me holding a cat with him, I would feel uncomfortable.

Loving and raising pets is everyone's right. However, in some cases, especially in public places, it would be best to avoid bringing pets if they might disturb other people. — VNS

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