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Authorities adopt an ‘iron fist' in effort to tackle smuggling

Update: June, 16/2015 - 09:40

Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang talks with Thoi Bao Kinh Te Viet Nam (Viet Nam Economic Times) about anti-smuggling activities.

In recent years, police, army and customs have been fighting smuggling, trade fraud, and fake products. But results have not been as good as expected. How do you evaluate the situation?

Fights against smuggling, trade fraud and fake goods are considered one of the Government's most important tasks. In recent years, they have made some achievements.

However, the trade in smuggled and copied goods - especially petrol, coal, cigarettes, sugar, diet supplements and electronic products - is still rampant. Criminals have become more and more artful. They set up big organisations in key regions that are difficult to root out.

I believe that to make more progress, the fight should be strengthened with well-trained anti-smuggling forces using high technology equipment.

Do you think police have performed their role well?

Our priority is to complete assigned tasks in a highly responsible manner. The Ministry of Public Security has instructed units in all localities to find cases of smuggling, trade fraud, and fake goods.

Last year, police investigators with the help of agencies uncovered more than 13,880 cases of smuggling and trade fraud, an increase of 14 per cent against the previous year. This produced billions of dong for the State budget.

In the first five months of this year, police uncovered 48,000 cases relating to smuggling, trade fraud, and the trading of fake goods. Earlier this month, the ministry set up a police department of smuggling prevention and control. This was the correct way for the Government to reinforce the fight against smugglers.

The ministry has asked the department to drawn up plans to eliminate organisations smuggling and trading in fake goods. The department will be an "iron fist" to these types of crimes.

Officials said those sponsoring crime would be dealt with strictly.

The Government, for the first time, has issued a decree on reinforcement of anti-smuggling activity. How will it play its key role in carrying out the decree?

To realise the decree, the ministry has been working in several ways. First, it has asked local police to closely watch the activities of those suspected of smuggling.

Second, the ministry is co-operating with the People's Supreme Procuracy, People's Supreme Court and ministries to review fines for smuggling, trade fraud and trading fake products.

Finally, the ministry continues to strengthen anti-smuggling police force. Cases of smuggling, trade fraud and fake goods will be quickly investigated. — VNS

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