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Consumers prefer quality domestic goods

Update: June, 05/2015 - 08:41
Last week, Viet Nam News asked readers about their attitude towards products made in their countries and the importance of Vietnamese to the development of manufacturing in their country.

John Boag, American, HCM City

As an American, I am hard pressed to answer what I think of products made in the United States, because we don't seem to make anything any more, every thing is imported.

However, as a Californian, I would compare Hollywood movies , Silicon Valley tech and Napa Valley wine to be the finest in the world. So I will kick back with a glass of red wine and stream a Hollywood movie and let the rest of the world attempt to catch up.

Daniel Schechter , German, Ha Noi

The development of a country is largely determined by its ability to produce competitive and innovative products. The more complex the products are, the higher the profit margins, wages and tax revenues.

All successful countries have highly diversified economies that produce innovative products. The value-chain structure in these countries is largely located in the country of origin, leading to high profit margins.

Developing countries like Viet Nam are now in an important phase of development. They have an industrial base and the necessary infrastructure to boost their economy.

It is crucial that the Vietnamese economy successfully changes from an assembling economy to a processing economy. This can only happen if products are designed and produced in Viet Nam.

Therefore I think that the first domestically produced smartphone is a great success for the Vietnamese econ-omy. It can be the first step to the development of a domestic high-tech economy like in Japan or South Korea.

This is the only way Viet Nam can boost its development and achieve its goal of becoming a middle-income country by 2020. If the quality of the smartphone is competitive, I believe that Vietnamese consumers should support their economy by purchasing domestically maded goods.

Tran Thuy Nga, Vietnamese, Ha Noi

As a Vietnamese, I want to support products made in Viet Nam. However, this does not mean all products. I will buy Vietnamese products if they are safe, able to meet my need and I can afford them.

Before buying a product, I also seek information about products of the same category, make comparisons and hear recommendations from those who bought them.

Local residents' attitude towards domestically-produced goods is important, particularly when producers want to target local consumers. To make Vietnamese more interested in Vietnamese products, information about the products should be clear, particularly about origin of the product, product quality verified by reliable agencies and affordable prices.

Andrew Burden, Canadian, Ha Noi

I was given an apple at my school last weekend. The sticker on it said "Canada" and that got me thinking. Why do I need an apple from so far away, and is fruit from my native land superior?

My Vietnamese doctor friend offers me medicine from Viet Nam, Singapore or Germany. Of course I choose the latter, safe in the knowledge it will be of international standard. Sure, buy local, but go with a proven name brand first.

Customer service is important, but Canadians are buying with their feet and marching into mammoth Wal-Mart stores that carry everything, real cheap. Equally important to me is getting a receipt and knowing I can take back the product, no questions asked.

Obviously this does not happen in Asia. You take what you find, have to negotiate the price, which is not marked, and good luck with the warranty!

I am interested in buying a new Vietnamese smartphone because it is both new and local. However, it better have a competitive price and an good warranty.

Vu Thi Cuc, Viet Nam

I like to watch a TV programme about Vietnamese inventors and inventions. It's great to develop products made by Vietnamese and meet Vietnamese demands.

An important factor consumers consider is the quality of the products. Good products will receive a good reaction from customers and vice versa.

To gain consumers' confidence, producers should offer goods worth the money. When I visited China, I found goods made for their domestic market were very good. I understood why Chinese prefer to use Chinese products.

Tim Zhang, Chinese, Ha Noi

Congratulation on the Viet Nam smartphone. I think Vietnamese should be proud of it and try to use it.

As you know, in China, there are a lot of local smartphone companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo. Many people like them because of their perfect function and cheap price.

If this new smart phone can do the same as those in China and play the same role, I think it will be a winner. I also think it's just a start for Viet Nam's smartphone industry.

Phan Thi Lan Huong, Ha Noi

I objectively assess products before choosing products. I prefer to buy local food, fruit and vegetable because of its diversification and freshness.

It's not necessary to buy imported food all the time as it has to undergo long travel to enter Viet Nam and many preservatives are used to keep it fresh.

I like Thai household appliance because of their quality and reasonable prices. If domestic producers can make good products to meet local demand, we will support.

To ensure product quality, Vietnamese producers should pay more attention to branding and thoroughly study the domestic market.

Nguyen Van Nam, Ba Ria-Vung Tau

Viet Nam is a developing country where living standards often relate to agricultural products and investments from FDI enterprises.

Moreover, it is one of the top agricultural product exporters in the world with coffee, rice and tea. We are proud of this.

In other fields, Viet Nam has made a lot of progress in economic and information technology. And the textile and leather sectors create a lot of money and create jobs.

Most products succeed if they meet customers needs. We invest big capital in cutting-edge techonogy, highly qualifiedworkers and making premium products, but if we don't care about customers' needs and post-sales service, we will fail to succeed.

Tran Phuong Thao, Nam Dinh City

I'm glad to see new Vietnamese products on the market. They are evidence of our investment in research and innovation. Objective assessment is needed when buying anything because earning money is not easy and spending money needs care. If quality is comparable, I prefer Vietnamese products. — VNS

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