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Inspection lackluster after man claims to find fly in soda bottle

Update: February, 27/2015 - 09:23

Despite a report by health inspectors that a soft drink factory in Binh Duong Province had nothing to answer for over a customer's claim that he found a fly in a recent drink, many readers of Tuoi tre newspaper beg to disagree.

Indeed, after the inspection, an inspector from the heath ministry, Dang Van Chinh, said he had carefully read the report of the Binh Duong Health Department.

He said he felt the conclusion did not really meet requirements, adding that the inspectors just read documents and files but did not take product samples for testing.

"On December 3, Vo Van Minh in Tien Giang Province claimed he had found a dead fly in a bottled of Number One, a yellow energy drink from the Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group.

He is reported to have called the company and demanded VND1billion (US$47,170) to keep the incident a secret.

After three rounds of negotiation, the company agreed to pay half of his initial demand, while secretly reporting the case to police.

On January 27, Vo Van Minh was arrested receiving money from the company. Police in Tien Giang Province have decided to prosecute Minh for allegedly blackmailing the company.

However, many consumers continue to complain about the quality of the company's products, so the Ministry of Health asked the provincial health department to carry out a 30-day inspection of the company.

But after only one day of working, the inspectors reported that no wrongdoings were detected.

Tuoi Tre (Youth) Newspaper collected opinions about the matter. Nguyen Tan Hung, Chief Inspector from Binh Duong Province's Health Department is reported to have said:

Tuoi Tre newspaper received many comments from its readers. Here are some of them:

Tam Giac Xanh wrote:

An unexpected inspection would amount to nothing if it was announced a month before. It is imperative that the Health Ministry, not the Binh Duong Province's Health Department, directly conducts any unscheduled inspections.

Nguyen Phuoc Tho wrote:

The inspectors should also take samples from products put on sale in the market because these goods provide a much more precise result. The inspection results would be unconvincing if the production chains were checked by normal eyes.

Le gia wrote:

The enterprises were informed of all inspections in advance so they were well-prepared. Tan Hiep Phat Company once freed itself from a fine for out-of-date flavours.

Ruoi Trau wrote:

The customer reported a fly inside the bottle. Thus, inspectors should put a fly into a bottle to check whether the production system would automatically exclude the bottle. Instead, they used a straw whose shape is completely different from a fly. A straw would never fly into a bottle. — VNS

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