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Party aims to improve leadership by encouraging diverse membership

Update: October, 07/2014 - 09:33

Tran Luu Hai, deputy head of the Party Central Committee's Commission for Organisation, told Tien Phong (Vanguard) newspaper about the new criteria for Party officials as well as new election rules.

Will you elaborate on Politburo Instruction No 36 on the criteria, number and ages for people who will be elected to the Party committee at all levels?

Under Instruction 36, only Party members who have strong political ideology and have performed their assigned tasks well should be elected to district/provincial Party committee or Party committee at equal level.

In addition to these criteria, they must be creative and open minded to new challenges to make the Party stronger in line with the 4th Party Central Committee Resolution on Party building work.

Regarding the structure of the Party committee, the document emphasises the importance of having members belonging to three age groups - young, middle and old. Female members must account for no less than 15 per cent of the committee.

Regarding the age bracket of members elected to the Provincial Party Committee, the document suggests that for the Provincial Party Committee, the age should be under 40 years old and under 35 years old for the District Party Committee. These people should account for no less than 10 per cent of the total members of the District/Provincial Party Committee.

In Party committees where many Party members are from ethnic groups, the number of ethnic Party members elected should represent their populations in the locality, but the numbers must be the same or higher than at present.

Are there any special criteria for Party Committees in the armed forces or police?

At least one third of new Party committee must be new members. If those who served in a previous tenure want to stand again, they must have high professional standing. And a very important criterion is that they must have gained a high vote of confidence from other Party members on the committee.

For director or deputy director of Armed Forces Units, if they want to stand for election, they must have served at least 30 months or more. If the time served is less, they must gain special approval from higher authorities.

However, if Party members holding the position of Party secretary or under Party secretary cum chairman or director general of a State Corporation or Group, will retire in 12 months or more, they can stand for the election if they are nominated by a higher authority..

Are there any new points in Party election rules?

On June 9, the Party Central Committee adopted new election rules which will be applied nationwide. The rules will be applied in the upcoming, grass-roots Party congresses nation-wide before the 12th National Party Congress slated for 2016.

I believe the new election rules are an advanced democratic step and respect the Party's principle of concentration and discipline. The new election rules has quite a few articles. But here I just want to mention two articles - 13 and 16.

Article 13 says organisers of the election cannot nominate candidates who are not selected or nominated by the Party committee at previous meetings.

Article 16 says the number of candidates standing for the election must be more than the number of actually elected people - not more than 30 per cent for the Party committee members; between 10-15 per cent for the standing committee members.

In the past, we decided to have more young Party members in the leadership. What about the congress this time?

I agree. In the past congresses, we planned to have more young Party leaders, but failed. For example, in the previous congress, we put the target at 10 per cent for leaders at provincial Party committee, but we did not achieve that target.

And this time, we again put the target at 10 per cent of young leaders at district and provincial Party committee level. I think this is ambitious, but it is a good chance to train young Party members in reality. — VNS

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