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Party advisory council eyes renewal

Update: July, 12/2014 - 09:57

The Viet Nam Fatherland Front's advisory council on democracy and law needs ‘real organisational reform and a new working method,' Vice Chairman Le Duc Tiet told Dai Doan Ket (Great National Unity)

What's the role of the Advisory Council in the implementation of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front's missions?

Live and act in accordance to law is the basic and overall principle of a socialist State ruled by law. That state is of the people, by the people and for the people.

This principle is regulated in Article 2 of the 2013 Constitution. That's why the tasks of completing the country's legal system and giving it life require strict implementation by the party, government and people.

As the people's representative, the Viet Nam Fatherland has been entrusted by the Party and Government to ensure the two tasks are implemented by its members. Under our laws, the Fatherland Front's missions are to comment on legal projects before they are submitted to the National Assembly for approval; to oversee the law enforcement of Party and Government offices, party members, civil servants and public employees.

However, the council is assigned to be a member of the law compilation or consultation board in all law drafting committees. In addition, its task is to monitor the implementation of democracy rights in the country.

Will you tell us a bit more about the council's future plans?

Democratic and legal counselling is one of the several important duties of our council towards activities of the Fatherland Front. We are legal advisers to the Fatherland Front. Our top mission is to protect citizens' rights.

Democratic counselling and legal building are other tasks conducted by the council. That's why, I'm proud to say, we're a member of the law compilation committee for most laws.

But some people have complained that the work of democratic work done by your council is not very effective. How do you respond to that?

At present, we only have the advisory council at the central level while the demand for legal advice is increasing at grass roots levels. If you look at Viet Nam's map, three fourths of our territory is inland water, coastal areas, sea, economic exclusive zones and continental shelf.

That's why legal advice for people, particularly fishermen, is in great demand. They want to know more about the maritime legal system, domestically and internationally, particularly in the context of the disputes in the East Sea with China.

Do you think there should be some changes in activities conducted by the council to respond to society's demands?

This is a legitimate demand as we are closely associated to the people's interests. Although we have done quite good work so far, we have failed to meet all the people's expectations.

I agree, it is high time for us to renew ourselves to better serve the people. To do that there are two important things we have to do right now. First, to reform human resources. At present, our council has 25 members. We see the desperate need to have more staff with the council. However, staff quality will be the top requirement.

The second thing is to reform the way we give counselling. I hope, by doing that the council will really become an important part and parcel of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front, not simply as an advisory council as at present. — VNS

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