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China has broken its promise

Update: July, 03/2014 - 10:06

China is continuing to intimidate Viet Nam in the East Sea, using physical violations and slander to try and browbeat the nation for defending its own territory.

This is the view of journalist Kim Tuan who says what China is doing is totally different from what it is saying. Here is his latest viewpoint published by government website

While Chinese State Councillor Yang Jiechi was in Ha Noi recently, China continued to bring another drilling rig, the Nanhai 9, into the East Sea.

This prompted Professor Carl Thayer from the Australian Defence Force Academy to describe the move as a new provocation from China.

At the end of last year, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Viet Nam and agreed that during the search for a solution to disputes involving the sea, the two sides should control the situation together and refrain from any escalation.

Li also said if problems arose, China and Viet Nam should join hands and settle them in a "timely and rational manner, preventing them from adversely affecting bilateral co-operation and development".

However, China's illegal placement of the Haiyang Shiyou-981 rig inside Viet Nam's exclusive economic zone ran totally counter to this spirit.

Worse still, on June 25, China published a new map to push its sovereignty.

In the map, China defied international law and drew a 10-dash line that blankets all the East Sea, including waters close to the coasts of Viet Nam, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines.

There is a popular anecdote among the Chinese on the need to defy everything. When asked by Han Shi Zhong (1089-1151), one of the four famous generals of the Nan Song dynasty (1127-1279), to table evidence against Yue Fei, Prime Minister Qin Gui (1090-1155) flatly replied: "No evidence, no need for evidence."

For nearly a millennium now, Chinese have condemned the reply as well as the "defying all" attitude by Qin Gui.

Yet China itself is defying law and justice, trampling on common moral standards to grab interests in the East Sea that do not belong to it.

It is opting to act in a way condemned by the Chinese nation.

China believes it can use economic benefits to erode Viet Nam's determination to safeguard her independence and sovereignty.

China has banned its state-run enterprises from bidding for any projects in Viet Nam.

However, for Viet Nam, independence and sovereignty are the most sacred freedoms.

Economic benefits are necessary, but nothing is more precious than independence.

Viet Nam's leaders have said that not a single inch of the mountains and rivers of the country will ever be conceded - not for anything. — VNS

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