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VN diabetes doubles in a decade

Update: June, 27/2013 - 10:03

In 10 years, the number of people in Viet Nam diagnosed with diabetes increased 211 per cent, Ta Van Binh, Director of the National Institute of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders, told Suc Khoe (Health) newspaper.

What are the main causes behind the high percentage of people with diabetes in our country?

There are three main reasons why the number of people with diabetes in our country has risen so quickly over the last decade. One is the change in lifestyle, particularly in young people. There is also a problem with the low standard of food safety and serious environmental degradation, compounded by less physical exercise and more stress.

In a modern society, eating junk food has been identified as one of the main reasons for the increase in diabetes cases. We also know that eating junk food is a root cause of metabolic disorder, particularly in old people and children - the two groups in society to take the least amount of physical exercise.

The world has been put on alert over the last two months due to the death of almost 30 people in China's H7N9 influenza epidemic. But it is more alarming that every 10 seconds, one person in the world dies of a diabetes related disease, while 30 people need amputations because of diabetes complications.

It is high time that Viet Nam increased the public's awareness of diabetes, by improving the screening of people at risk, training more doctors in diabetes management, having more control over the treatment of patients and increasing access to diabetes care, particularly for pregnant women and children.

What's the relationship between stress and diabetes?

Stress exists everywhere, in the street, at work, in our homes or even when we lie in bed.

Just imagine, everyday we experience between five to seven stressful incidents, which makes us feel uneasy. Then one day, a series of these occurs, at which point we can land in a seriously stressful situation. Of course, the response varies from one person to another. That's why the same risk can make some people ill but not others.

So in your opinion, what should people do to avoid diabetes?

The first thing I want to say is that each individual should pursue a healthy lifestyle.

When eating, it is important to adopt a good regime. For example, we should have a hearty breakfast, a light lunch and avoid excessive dinners.

In addition, we should refrain from eating fast/junk food or taking gassy drinks or those with large amounts of sugar. We should also avoid eating a lot of fried food or barbecues. Instead, we should eat more boiled food.

Everyday, we need to spend at least 30 minutes doing some form of physical exercise and repeat this five times a week. If you want to go for a nap, just take 30 minutes.

It is predicted that Viet Nam will have between 7-8 million diabetes sufferers by 2025, with more than 90 per cent of them type 2. — VNS

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