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NA deputies come under scrutiny

Update: May, 14/2013 - 08:33

Dinh Xuan Thao, president of the National Assembly's Institute for Judiciary Studies, spoke with Tien Phong (Vanguard) newspaper about the upcoming NA discussion of confidence votes for senior elected officials.

After the adoption of the Resolution on the confidence motion vote, many deputies have expressed their anxiety about the real value of the motion. How do you respond to that?

In my opinion, the vote could be seen in two different ways. Some will see it as a meaningful and important vote while some will see it as just a formality.

As this is the first time a confidence motion has been held in Viet Nam, some people may think that it is merely an exercise and that the result is of no importance.

I don't agree with such thinking. Deputies should be responsible for their votes. At the previous full house meeting, it was they who voted for the adoption of the Resolution. Now it is time for them to exercise their rights.

Some people may wonder if the information they receive about their senior leaders is reliable and objective. How can they receive the full facts?

Before casting their votes, all deputies will study performance reports for the 49 people. In addition they can get information from other sources, including the media.

According to the procedures, the Deputies Working Group is assigned to provide the voters with all the necessary information about the 49 positions before the vote is held. In addition, people in the 49 positions have to report before the National Assembly with their reflections on their performance.

These positions include

the President, Prime Minister, government cabinet, the Chief of Justice of the Supreme People's Court and the Chief of the Supreme People's Procuracy.

So it is important that the deputies study their reports as that's the essence of the confidence motion. Do you agree?

I don't think the National Assembly has time to let each leader present their performance report before the full house meeting - only a summary of their strengths and weaknesses in their performance.

After that, the deputies will discuss and ask questions if they have any. The most important thing is that the results are announced immediately. It is too early to predict the results, but we hope they will be fair and objective.

This is the first time a vote of confidence has been held in Viet Nam. What advice do you want to give to the deputies?

Well, in my opinion, we should respect the deputies' opinions and rights.

To do that, they must be given all information about each position before they cast their votes. This is a time for the deputies to show their responsibility to the voters, the nation and the party.

The final results all depend on their votes.

This is a big challenge for the National Assembly, and people have called for this for a long time - regular votes of confidence on the people elected by the people.

However, I just want to say that this motion vote is principally an important way for us to gain experience.

Do you think there will be a problem with lobbying before the motion is held?

The motion vote must be held in a fair and objective manner. I just want to say, the deputies are elected by the voters so they must truthfully make decisions on their behalf.

When the results are announced, if any people among the 49 positions receive low votes, I think he or she should resign.

Though it is the first time such a motion will be held, half of the National Assembly term has gone by. The leaders have had sufficient time to show their capacity in performing their assignment. — VNS

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