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Viet Nam has a long way to go in developing trademarks

Update: August, 27/2012 - 08:28

Viet Nam Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises chairman Cao Sy Kiem discusses with Hai Quan (Customs) newspaper the importance of building trademarks.

Are Vietnamese enterprises neglecting work on developing their trademarks?

Trademarks are the key to success in a competitive economy. It is particularly important as our economy is in a difficult situation with consumption going down.

Viet Nam, however, is now in the very first phase of work on building trademarks, and this work requires a good legal environment, technologies, experienced human resources and new management methods. All of these factors have only been gradually developed in our country.

Some Vietnamese enterprises have already entered the international market and their trademarks are recognised worldwide but the number is very small. In general, the ability to access the wider market for Vietnamese companies is lower than enterprises from other countries in the region.

What are the reasons for this?

I think there are three major reasons for this situation.

First, enterprises and authorities have failed to understand the importance of building and maintaining trademarks.

Second, the current laws and regulations relating to trademarks are not yet appropriate.

Finally, there are a lot of problems related to co-ordination among relevant authorities.

Many Vietnamese enterprises have to depend on major global trademarks despite the fact that they already have their own trademarks. What needs to be done to make Vietnamese products recognised worldwide?

This is a disadvantage for Vietnamese enterprises, but only when we have all the essential conditions to support the development of trademarks, can we secure a place in the world market.

So far, Vietnamese trademarks have yet to win the confidence of international customers, which explains why enterprises have to depend on bigger trademarks to gain market share.

Vietnamese companies can only stand on their own feet in the world market when their trademarks improve in terms of quality, prices, design and prestige.

What should Viet Nam do to develop good trademarks?

Many countries have already managed to build successful trademarks, and Vietnamese enterprises should learn from this.

However, this requires a creative approach and determination from enterprises.

For example, there are a range of good technologies around the world that we can use. But we must first assess what will be the best option, and then ensure we have the creativeness and training plans to select and put these technologies to use in Viet Nam's context.

No one will teach enterprises how to do this in detail but they have to be smart enough to apply general theories for each product, each company as well as the whole economy.

State policies need to be improved to help this process.

Only when we manage to do all of this, can we succeed in building trademarks.

There are also three things enterprises need to be mindful of all the time: quality at reasonable prices, design and marketing campaigns that suit the taste of targeted customers. —VNS

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