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Letters To The Editor (June 09, 2012)

Update: June, 09/2012 - 08:05

Dear Editor,

Recently I have read the Editorial entitled, "Education for all, if you're lucky" (May 24, 2012) which described the story of 94 top students from Viet Nam who received state-funded scholarships under Project 322 to study abroad and then were told that their scholarships were cut because of government austerity measures. As the Editorial stated, these top quality students were left high and dry with no options for how to carry out their dreams to study abroad. This is a serious problem for all concerned.

I am visiting in Viet Nam at this time from the USA. My wife and I were invited to attend the wedding of the son of our friends. We have made multiple visits to Viet Nam over the years. Each visit helps us to learn more about your country and to extend our network of friends.

In the USA, I serve on the Board of Directors of Wilmington College, a small liberal arts college located in the State of Ohio which has around 1,200 undergraduate students.

Wilmington College wishes to expand the number of international students on campus and seeks to establish school-to-school links with other countries. We welcome students from Viet Nam with good English language skills. We can offer international students scholarship assistance, depending on need and academic achievement. For those 94 students who had their plans to study abroad cut short, we invite you to consider Wilmington College. It would be possible for you to begin your study as soon as the start of our next academic year, August 2012.

If you are interested, please send me an email: I will be pleased to connect you with the Director of Admissions Office at Wilmington College.

William P. Shaw, Ph.D

Board of Directors

Wilmington College

Wilmington, Ohio. USA

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