Hoa Binh Construction Group and the Le family are very sad to announce the passing of Mrs TRAN THI TUYET, Dharma name TAM NGHIA, widow of our late chairman LE MONG DAO, at 19:25 hours on March 7, 2018, or the 20th of the first month in the lunar Year of the Dog, at her home at 226/13 Le Van Sy, Ward 1, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

She was born in 1922, and lived until the ripe old age of 97.

The Casketing Ceremony was held at 14:00 hours on 08/03/2018, or 21st of the first month in the lunar Year of the Dog.

The Viewing began at 16:00 hours, 08/03/2018.

The funeral is at 06:00 hours, 12/03/2018, or the 25th of the lunar month.

Location: The Go Dua Cemetery, Quang Binh Pagoda, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Visitors, kindly do not bring donations.


Mrs Tran Thi Tuyet, Dharma name Tam Nghia, was born in 1922 in Dien Ban town, Quang Nam Province.

She was born into an intellectual family, her father was a teacher from Hue.

She experienced great hardship during her childhood: her mother passed away when she was eight, and she was raised by her father and maternal grandfather. But she always strove to overcome her difficult circumstances.

She attended Jeanna d’Arc School in Hue.

She married Mr Le Mong Dao, a teacher and the rector of Bo De School in Hue. He later became the chairman of Hoa Binh Construction Group.

The couple had 13 children and a family that consists of more than 70 members, including children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and in-laws.

In 1967, they decided to move, bag and baggage, from Hue to Saigon in the quest for a new life. In the new place, they worked untiringly, making cakes, jams  and gift boxes for Tet to support their family, and provide their children with good schooling. Despite their own hardship and financial scarcity, they were always ready to help poor and unfortunate people around them, both physically and emotionally.

They lived by Buddhist teachings and always taught their children the best things from Vietnamese culture. Their children can still remember proverbs like ‘Love others like yourself’, ‘People of a country must love each other’, ‘Even torn paper needs to maintain its unique characteristics’, etc.

The children were encouraged to model their lives after the bodhisattva, showing Generosity and Forgiveness, Compassion and Detachment.

Thanks to these teachings, they raised their offspring as people with dignity as well as success.

The Le Mong Dao Education Sponsorship Fund headed by Mrs Tran Thi Tuyet gave scholarships to thousands of poor students who worked hard to excel. She was also a sponsoring member of the Vietnamese Buddhist Academy in Ho Chi Minh City, which belongs to the Vietnamese Buddhist Association.

In 1978 she made a resolution to become vegetarian as she sought an early end to wars and the safe return of all servicemen and women.

Forty years later she departed this life to return to the Buddha at 19:25 hours on March 7, 2018, or January 20 in the Year of the Dog, having lived a long and full life of 97 years. She has left behind a priceless legacy for her descendants: her example of forbearance, a heart with compassion and detachment and kindness and forgiveness, her love for humanity, and responsibility for the community.