New planning to see changes at Halong Marina


The People’s Committee of Quảng Ninh Province has approved the planning of the 1:2000 scale of BIM Group’s Halong Marina.

The move is aimed at bringing in new opportunities to make vigorous changes to the urban area.

With advantages in location - the heart of Hạ Long City, the gateway to the Bãi Cháy tourism area, running along a 4km-long coastline, together with a valuable view looking into Hạ Long Bay, the 250ha Halong Marina has great potential to become a vibrant tourism and financial hub of the northern region.

Halong Marina, with a developed infrastructure system, convenient transport connectivity, modern facilities and environmentally-friendly designs has affirmed its stand in Hạ Long as an urban area ideal for living, working and enjoying.

BIM Group will continue to develop Halong Marina with a higher ambition. With the approved 1:2000 scale planning, the urban area is ready to transform itself into a golden destination of not just Việt Nam but also of the region.

Barcelona street in Viet Nam

Situated in the strategic location of Halong Marina, the central peninsula in the south of Hoàng Quốc Việt Street will be developed into a tourism, financial and commercial services hub.

The pedestrian street and Marine Times Square inspired by the famous La Rable of coastal city Barcelona will be a place where tourism, cultural and recreational activities take place. Designed by Salvador Perez Arroyo, Marine Times Square promises to be a masterpiece of this famous Spanish architect.

The central peninsular will also reshape Hạ Long City’s skyline with high-rise buildings of up to 40 storeys and in original architectural shapes, which would be offices for companies, banks, multinational groups and hotels.

Shophouses and boutique hotels running along the pedestrian street will also contribute to turning it into “a Barcelona street in Việt Nam.”

BIM Group to work with leading companies

The Eastern Zone will become a trade and services zone for youngsters, with a large-scale event centre in the northern region. The Western Zone will be a residential area where there is a wharf.

A number of projects will also be developed, including a water park, a wave pool, a clubhouse, a fitness centre, a festival square, a park and a man-made beach.

BIM Group will continue working with global leading companies to develop its projects. Besides Citadines, Apart-hotel and Royal Lotus, the developer will bring other famous brands to Halong Marina such as InterContinental Resort, Holiday Inn and Langham Hotels & Resort.

Together with other developers, such as VinGroup, Sun Group, FLC and Mon Holdings, BIM Group is contributing significantly to changing the face of Hạ Long City.