New investment wave in Hà Nội centre
Investors can make profits by investing in condotel projects located in the center of Hà Nội with outstanding economic advantages, experts said. 
For this, all they need is a little sensitiveness and a moderate amount of capital, the experts added.
Attractive profit
When the State Bank cut rates for US dollar deposits to zero per cent, Nghiêm Quân of Hà Nội had to find a new investment direction.
Real estate was a channel that Quân spent quite a lot of time studying. Finally, he found that investing in rental apartments was a solution that many investors choose to preserve their capital, as well as earn cash flow regularly.
According to his calculations, when leasing a normal apartment, investors have to spend a lot of time to find renters, and handle several situations arising during the process of leasing and asset management. The profits generated by apartment leasing in Hà Nội fluctuates around only 4 per cent to 5 per cent every year, after excluding the depreciation and brokerage fees.
Caption 1: Investing in high-end rental condotels is a solution chosen by many investors to preserve capital, as well as generate regular cash flow.
“Fortunately, my friend told me about the investment opportunities in high-end condotels for rent in the centre of Thanh Xuân district, with synchronous facilities and convenient services. Instead of sending US dollars to banks at zero interest rates, I found another effective investment channel,” Quân said.
In recent years, the development and expansion of foreign businesses in Hà Nội, as well as in the neighbouring provinces, have led to a growing number of foreign high-level workers. According to a recent survey, the budget spent on renting apartments by this group fluctuates from US$2,000 to $7,000 per month, which leads to over 80 per cent of the occupancy rate at 4-star and 5-star hotels in Hà Nội.
Real estate experts said that investing in condotels for rent was an upward trend compared to the previous years.
Another advantage of investing in high-end condotels for rent is their ability to keep the prices stable, compared with other types of properties, such as detached houses, terraced houses or villas. Besides this, the profit generated by the rental high-end condotels is stable at 10 per cent to 15 per cent per year, and when the market develops, this rate may increase higher.
Low investment capital 
Nguyễn Trí Hiếu, a financial, banking and investment expert, said that rental condotels in Thanh Xuân district was the most profitable segment, noting that their synchronous infrastructure and utilities, as well as convenient location, were the attractive elements drawing the buyers.
Condotel projects in this area include the high-end 5 Seasons condotel project, newly introduced by TNR Goldseason with modern design by reputable contractors. 
The project is located at 47 Nguyễn Tuân street, near several main arterial roads, such as Nguyễn Trãi, Lê Văn Lương and Ring Road 3 Khuất Duy Tiến–Nội Bài, Cát Linh–Hà Đông highway. From here, residents can easily drive to the centre of the city and the surrounding areas.
Caption 2: Impressive designs at 5 Seasons
In addition to the prime location, 5 Seasons has many advantages for renters, such as the high-end integrated system. The project uses more than 70 per cent of the area for utility, landscape, outdoor amusement and physical space, outdoor café, park, four seasons swimming pool, clinic and trade centre.
The 5 Seasons focusses on quality services that meet 5-star standards. In addition to this, it offers renters a wide range of exclusive, free amenities for life-time, such as a tropical swimming pool, gym, yoga, sauna, jacuzzi, community recreation room with billiard table, table tennis and a conference room.
To provide financial support to customers, the investors are offering buyers preferential payment programmes. Clients only have to pay 20 per cent of the apartment value initially, equivalent to VNĐ320 million ($14,000), to sign a sale contract and officially become the owner of the apartment.
The 5 Seasons is developed and managed by TNR Holdings Việt Nam. For more information, as well as detailed advice, please contact the official distribution unit Phú Quý Land at 097 120 7979.