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March 27 in history

Update: March, 27/2016 - 09:00

1794 - US President George Washington and Congress authorize creation of the US Navy.


-Britain, France, Spain and the Batavian Republic sign the Treaty of Amiens, by which England retained Trinidad (taken from Spain) and Ceylon (taken from the Dutch).


-Birth of William von Roentgen, German physicist (died 1923); He discovered X-rays and developed X-ray photography, revolutionising medical diagnosis. He was awarded the first Nobel Prize for physics in 1901.


-M L Byrn of New York City is granted the first patent on a corkscrew. This covered a "gimlet screw" with a T-shaped handle.


-The Nam Định Citadel falls to the French for the second time in their invasion of northern Viet Nam.


-In the United States, the first long distance telephone call is made between the Bell Telephone Company in Boston and New York City.


-The first National Congress of representatives of the Communist Party of Indochina is held in Macao. It outlined the immediate goals of the Party, unified the various patriotic movements, and prepared for the further advancement of the revolutionary movement.


-Germany launches its last V2 rocket from The Hague in the Netherlands. It crashed in Orpington, southeast of London. During the war, 8,958 people died in V2 rocket attacks.


-The Democratic Republic of Việt Nam and the Kingdom of Morocco establish full diplomatic relations.


-Yuri Gagarin, Soviet cosmonaut who flew the world’s first manned space mission, is killed in a plane crash.


-A severe earthquake strikes western Turkey, killing 1,087 and leaving 90,000 homeless.


-The world’s worst aircraft disaster occurs when two Boeing 747s, owned by KLM and Pan-Am, collide and burst into flames on the runway at Tenerife in the Canary Islands; 583 people are killed out of a total of 644 on board both aircraft.


-Vladimir Putin scores a convincing victory in presidential elections after promising to end years of political chaos and restore Russia as a global power.


-A powerful earthquake strikes off Indonesia’s western coast – triggering panic in several Asian countries about a possible tsunami – killing about 300 people on Nias Island.

2009 - President Barack Obama launches fresh effort to defeat al-Qaida terrorists in both Pakistan and Afghanistan, sending in more troops and civilian advisers.

2014 - The world rushes to help Ukraine, with the International Monetary Fund pledging up to $18 billion, the UN condemning the vote that drove Crimea into Russian hands and the US Congress backing even harsher sanctions against Moscow.

2015 - Amanda Knox, who maintained that she and her former Italian boyfriend were innocent in her British roommate’s murder though multiple trials and nearly four years in jail, is vindicated when Italy’s highest court throws out their convictions once and for all. —AP/REUTERS/VNS


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