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September 21 in History

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1327 Edward II of England is murdered at Berkely Castle, eight months after he was forced to abdicate by his queen and her lover.
1529 Turks under Suleiman I begin an unsuccessful siege of Vienna.
1792 The National Convention formally abolishes the monarchy in France and declares a republic the next day.
1802 Napoleon Bonaparte of France annexes Piedmont in Italy.
1860 Anglo-French troops defeat Chinese at Pa-Li-Chau.
1931 Britain goes off the gold standard.
1949 West Germany comes into existence as US, British and French occupation zones are transferred to German control.
1964 Malta becomes independent state within British Commonwealth.
1973 Viet Nam and Japan establish full diplomatic relations.
1976 The Socialist Republic of Viet Nam is recognised as a member of the World Bank (WB).
1985 Mexico counts at least 2,000 dead from earthquakes that devastated four states.
1993 Russian President Boris Yeltsin dissolves Parliament. Hard-line lawmakers subsequently vote to impeach him and hole up in parliament building.
1999 Taiwan's strongest quake in decades with a 7.6 magnitude, kills more than 2,300 people, injures 10,000 and destroys hundreds of homes.
2003 NASA directs the unmanned space probe Galileo to plunge into the atmosphere of the planet Jupiter, destroying the craft after a 14-year mission to observe the planet and its satellites. NASA opted to crash Galileo after it ran out of fuel. — AP/REUTERS

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