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September 20 in History

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Treaty of Rijswijk is signed, under which England, Spain, Holland and the Holy Roman Emperor make peace with France at the end of the War of the Grand Alliance.


Death of Jacob Karl Grimm, one of two 19th-century German scholars and brothers, who were leaders in the study of philology and folklore. Jacob's greatest scientific work is Deutsche Grammatik (German Grammar), generally considered the foundation of Germanic philology.


Vietnamese Professor Ton That Tung performs with success an open liver operation, the first ever in Viet Nam, at the Viet Duc (Viet Nam-Germany) Hospital in Ha Noi.


The Democratic Republic of Viet Nam and the Republic of Malta set up diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level.


Viet Nam becomes the 149th member of the United Nations.


The East German parliament and the West German lower house approve the treaty unifying the two countries.


French voters barely approve the Maastricht Treaty on European Union, by 51 per cent.


Fearing the economy is sliding back toward recession, Japan's central bank cuts its key interest rate to a record low of 1.75 per cent.


Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's brother, Murtaza Bhutto, is killed, as are seven supporters, in a gunbattle with police outside his Karachi home.


Kosovo Liberation Army leaders and the NATO-led peacekeeping force sign an agreement to demilitarise the former rebel army and transform it into a 5,000-member civilian corps.


Genetically engineered salmon that grows twice as fast as the conventional fish appears to be safe, an advisory committee tells the US Food and Drug Administration. But they argue that more testing may be needed before it is served on dinner tables. — AP

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