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September 19 in History

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Death of Nguen Trai (born 1380), Vietnamese statesman, strategist, poet and writer, whose pen name was Uc Trai. He was best known for Binh Ngo Dai Cao (Proclamation of Victory over Foreign Aggression) which was written after victory over the Ming invaders, Uc Trai Thi Tap (Collection of Uc Trai's Poems) and Quoc Am Thi Tap (Collection of Poems in the National Language).


The French make 21-year-old Ung Duong (or Nguyen Canh Tong) King of Viet Nam, titled Dong Khanh, replacing his brother King Ham Nghi.


The world's first beauty contest takes place at Spa in Belgium. First prize went to Bertha Soucaret, a 18-year-old Creole from Guadeloupe.


New Zealand becomes the first country to grant all its women the right to vote.


Viet Nam's King Duy Tan (1907-16) is born as Nguyen Phuc Vinh San (died 1945). He was made king by the French at eight years old, replacing his father, King Thanh Thai. He was exiled to Reunion in the Mascarene Islands by the French in 1916 when they learned that he was giving his blessings to a popular uprising against their rule.


President Ho Chi Minh visits the Hung Kings' Temple in Vinh Phu Province north of Ha Noi and makes his famous speech to the soldiers: "The Hung Kings did the great service of founding the country, we, the following generations, must defend it at all costs."


Twenty-two US scientists, among whom seven Nobel prize winners, send a letter to President Johnson protesting against the US Government's use of chemical weapons in South Viet Nam during the American War.


China and Great Britain announce their agreement to transfer Hong Kong to Chinese rule in 1997. — AP/REUTERS

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