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September 18 in History

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Sweden's King Gustavus I forms alliance with France to counter Denmark's alliance with the Holy Roman Empire.


Peace of Belgrade is signed by Holy Roman Emperor and Turkey, whereby Austria cedes Orsova, Belgrade and Serbia to Turkey.


The French formally surrender Quebec to the British.


Birth of Jean Bernard Leon Foucault (died 1868), French physicist. He invented a pendulum which visually demonstrated the rotation of the earth, later to become the gyroscope.


The New York Times, founded by Henry Jarvis Raymond, is published for the first time.


Japan begins the siege of Mukden, using bomber seaplanes, and occupies other strategic points in Manchuria, an act of aggression that marked the beginning of the Sino-Japanese war.


The US Government stages a new "Bac Bo (Tonkin) Gulf incident", looking for a pretext to extend war against North Viet Nam. The same day, the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam's Foreign Ministry sends a message to the co-chairmen of the 1954 Geneva Conference on Indochina and the Geneva powers, denouncing this fabrication of the US Government aimed at perpetrating a new act of war.


East Germany, West Germany and the Bahamas are admitted to the United Nations.


The French parliament decides to abolish capital punishment and the guillotine.


Lebanese Christian militias end a bloody massacre in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Chatila in Beirut which kill at least 800.


The United States and the Soviet Union sign a co-operation agreement covering nuclear waste and environmental restoration. — AP/REUTERS

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