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September 17 in History

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Death of King Anh Tong (born 1276), the fourth monarch of the Tran Dynasty (1293-1314) in Viet Nam. His real name was Tran Thuyen.


Birth of Francisco Gomez de Quevedo y Villegas, satirist, novelist and prolific author of Spain's Golden Age of Literature.


The first treaty between the United States and Indian tribes is signed at Fort Pitt.


Birth of Georg Friedrich Bernhard Rieman, a German mathematician who was one of the most influential of the 19th century. He had numerous methods, theorems and concepts named after him.


Birth of Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, Soviet physicist. He pioneered development of Soviet rockets, space science and aeronautical research.


The Mont Cenis Tunnel, the first of the great tunnels through the Alps, is opened. It runs for 13km from Modane, France, to Bardonecchia, Italy.


Queen Victoria signs the document which would unite the six colonies of the Federal Commonwealth of Australia, effective on January 1, 1901.


The Government of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam launches a "Gold Week" to raise funds to build the new nation in the early days of independence.


Sir Karl Popper, an Austrian, one of the 20th century's most respected philosophers, dies aged 92.


A European Union court upheld a landmark 2004 ruling that the world's largest software maker Microsoft had abused its dominant market position to crush rivals.


An assault on the US Embassy in San'a, Yemen, kills 19 people, including an American woman and six militants.


President Barack Obama abruptly cancels a long-planned missile shield for Eastern Europe, replacing a Bush-era project that was bitterly opposed by Russia with a plan he contends will better defend against a growing threat of Iranian missiles.


Hurricane Karl smashes into Mexico's Gulf Coast, creating havoc in the major port city of Veracruz and forcing the country to shut down its only nuclear power plant and its central Gulf Coast oil platforms.


Revolutionary fighters struggle to make gains in an assault into Muammar Gadhafi's hometown of Sirte with bloody street-by-street battles against loyalist forces fiercely defending the most symbolic of the shattered regime's remaining strongholds. — AP/REUTERS

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