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August 30 in History

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30BC Death of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. She is said to have committed suicide by allowing an asp to bite her breast.
1871 British scientist Ernest Rutherford (died 1937) is born in New Zealand. He classified radiation into alpha, beta, and gamma types. His finding that alpha radiation consists of positive charged helium atoms led to his discovery of the atomic nucleus in 1906. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1908.
1881 The first stereophonic sound system is patented in Germany.
1928 Jawaharlal Nehru founds the Independence of India League to work towards freedom from British rule.
1940 Death of Sir J J Thomson, English physicist who discovered the electron in 1897. He was buried near Isaac Newton in the nave of Westminster Abbey.
1945 Britain re-establishes its governance of Hong Kong, which was returned to China in 1997, ending three years and seven months of Japanese occupation.
1979 Hurrican David devastates the island nation of Dominica as it rampages through the Caribbean and US eastern seaboard, claiming 1,000 lives.
1997 Britain's Princess Diana, her boyfriend Emad Mohammed al-Fayed, the Harrod's heir, and driver Henri Paul die in a car crash in Paris after being chased by photographers.
1998 Troops allied with the government of Congo capture the strategic port town of Matadi from rebel forces trying to oust President Laurent Kabila.
1999 Residents of East Timor vote for independence from Indonesia in a UN-sponsored ballot. — AP/REUTERS

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