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August 21 in History

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Birth of Philip II, King of France; he was one of the chief consolidators of the early French monarchy.


Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Mona Lisa is stolen from the Louvre in Paris by an Italian waiter, Vicenzo Perruggia. It was recovered in 1913.


Death of Vietnamese revolutionary Phung Chi Kien (born 1901). Together with Le Hong Phong and Ha Huy Tap, he organised the Indochinese Communist Party's Congress in 1934 and was elected to the Party Central Committee during the congress. Kien was arrested and executed by the French in 1941.


Representatives of the US, Britain, Russia and China meet at Dumbarton Oaks near Washington to plan for the formation of the United Nations.


Hawaii is admitted as the 50th state of the United States.


The Democratic Republic of Viet Nam and Canada set up ambassadorial level diplomatic relations.


The first pictures from Venus by the space probe Magellan show features similar to volcanoes and valleys on Earth.


Efforts to reach the sunken Russian nuclear submarine Kursk end when divers say none of the 118 sailors on aboard survived the catastrophic explosion on the Barents Sea.


Saddam Hussein's cousin known as "Chemical Ali" and 14 others go on trial on charges of crimes against humanity in the brutal suppression of a Shiite uprising that killed tens of thousands after the 1991 Gulf War. — AP/REUTERS

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