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August 10 in History

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Birth of Le Hoan (died 1005), Vietnamese general who later founded the Tien Le (Earlier Le) dynasty (980-1009) in Viet Nam. He successfully led the resistance war against the Sung in 981.


The French monarchy is overthrown as mobs in Paris attack the palace of King Louis XVI.


Bulgaria signs the Treaty of Bucharest with the Balkan allies Greece, Serbia, Montenegro and Romania, ending the second Balkan war.


The Viet Minh (Viet Nam Independence League) calls on the Vietnamese people to take up arms and contribute money to buy weapons to fight against Japanese occupation.


The Central Committee of the National Front for Liberation of South Viet Nam announces a policy of neutrality, emphasising its anti-US aggression.


Viet Nam and Indonesia establish diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level.


Liberation forces in Ben Tre Province begin a series of attacks to US-Sai Gon military positions in major townships, killing and capturing over 1,600 troops.


US Congress decides to lift the embargo towards Viet Nam.


Police in Brazil examine fingerprints and other evidence left behind by thieves who stole US$67.8 million from the Central Bank in one of the world's biggest heists.


British authorities thwart an alleged terrorist plot to simultaneously blow up 10 aircraft heading to the US using explosives smuggled in hand luggage.


Scottish lawmakers demand that their government publish full details of the medical advice that led to the release from prison of the Lockerbie bomber almost a year ago. — AP/REUTERS

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