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August 7 in History

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French drive Spaniards from Canossa in southern Italy.


Oliver Cromwell's parliamentary army marches into London after proposals to Crown are rejected.


Gen George Washington creates the Order of the Purple Heart, a decor ation to recognise merit in enlisted men and noncommissioned officers in the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War.


Simon Bolivar and Francisco de Paula Santander lead Colombian troops to victory against Spain in the Battle of Boyaca, effectively ending Spanish control of Nueva Granada.


Louis-Philippe is elected King of France by the legislature in succession to Charles X and becomes known as the Citizen King.


Ottawa is chosen by Queen Victoria as capital of the Dominion of Canada.


The first game of Australian Rules football is reportedly played in Melbourne, with 40 players on each team and a pitch 800m long.


Death of Doc Ngu (Nguyen Duc Ngu), leader of an armed resistance movement against the French in the Da (Black) River region in northern Viet Nam.


Birth of Ralph Bunche; As UN mediator in Palestine, he negotiated the Arab-Israeli truce and won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. He was UN under secretary during 1954-67.


Death of US jazz musician Bix Beiderbecke (born 1903). He was a self-taught pianist and cornet player and was the first white jazz musician to be recognised as a luminary of the jazz world by black musicians.


Death of Indian author, poet and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore (born 1861). He won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913 for his collection of poetry, Gitanjali, drawing on traditional Hindu themes.


The Thanh Nien (Young People) newspaper, initiated by architect Huynh Tan Phat, publishes its first issue. Supported by many intellectuals and artists, the newspaper became a rallying point for young patriots in the south of Viet Nam.


Ivory Coast becomes independent of France.


At the Paris peace talks, Vietnamese representatives press demands for an unconditional halt to the US bombing of northern Viet Nam.


French stuntman Philippe Petit walks a tightrope strung between the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center.


A US military jury sentences Osama bin Laden's driver to 5 1/2 years for aiding terrorism, making him eligible for release in five months.


A lively and healthy-looking Fidel Castro appeals to President Barack Obama to stave off global nuclear war in an emphatic address to parliament that marks his first official government appearance since emergency surgery four years ago. — AP/REUTERS

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