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July 5 in History

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France's King Henry II renews war against Hapsburgs, one of the principal sovereign dynasties of Europe, in Italy.


Sir Francis Drake leads an expedition into the port of Cadiz, Spain, and ravages the Spanish coast. He destroyed so many vessels that the Spaniards had to delay their invasion of England for a year.


Venezuela becomes the first South American country to declare its independence from Spain.


Birth of Dwight Davis, US tennis player and politician. He founded the Davis Cup tennis competition and served under President Coolidge as secretary of war (1925-29).


The Indochinese currency, the piastre, is officially used in budget making in the South of Viet Nam. All payments were settled in the currency issued by the Indochina Bank.


Vietnamese generals Ton That Thuyet and Tran Xuan Soan, leading the Phan Nghia troops, engage the French in a fierce battle in the area of Mang Ca in Hue. They then escorted King Ham Nghi and the royal family out of the citadel, starting the royalist Can Vuong movement against French occupation.


Cape Verde Islands become independent after 500 years of Portuguese rule.


Viet Nam promulgates the Labour Code, defining the rights and obligations of working people and regulating labour use and management.


Caribbean leaders gather for a summit in Trinidad to discuss issues such as the sugar and banana trade, and the development of a regional supreme court.


The UN Security Council imposes an 18-month diamond ban on Sierra Leone's rebels in a bid to strangle their ability to finance a civil war. — REUTERS/AP

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